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    Welcome To VeilStory


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    Welcome To VeilStory

    Post  Admin on Thu Mar 19, 2009 2:16 pm

    Welcome To Veilstory (enjoy your stay)
    Here are some of teh game features

    -EXP 550X
    -MESO 950X
    -DROP 5X

    ♣️Unjail command works better
    ♣️Buddy does not freeze
    ♣️4th job works Very Happy
    ♣️ Cash Shop Items 70% Fixed
    ♣️Negative Exp Fixed!
    ♣️Fm npc glitch
    ♣️Stars can be recharged Very Happy
    ♣️Better leveling system (negative exp 50% fixed Very Happy)

    Updates: [All Updates From DYS Repack (including Mursus Repack 1) ]
    +Custom HHG's
    +Free Market (Trade Button)
    +Charter Creation Fixed
    +Full Cash Shop in Fm [Coco]
    +Smegas And Megaphones Working
    +Good Commands [Check Players.cpp to see them]
    +Spinel Teles To Training Ground And GM Map...
    +All Monster Skill
    +Multi-Level (level does not stuck at 99% everytime)
    +Star Seller/ Recharger
    +White Scrolls
    + Fredrick Sells Stuff
    +Showa shops
    and Much more!!!

    !notice, !rnotice, !notice2, !wnotice
    !jail (Charname)
    !unjail (charname)
    !item (itemid) (amount)
    !level (charname/me) (level)
    !job (Charname/me) (Jobid)
    !sp (amount)
    !mesos (amount)
    !horntail (beware Razz)
    !warp (charname/me) (mapId)
    !warpto (charname)
    !mwarpto (charname)

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